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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bathtubs ( What a stupid Blog I Made)

But Im keeping it alive I want to know something why do women take baths? and Men take Showers? I just want to know what I am missing out on.

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New Bathtubs and Remodeling

I am sorry , but this topic totally bores me ,and I don't know why I even made this page, I must of been out of my mind, Sorry this site will die soon, I hate to make fun of it, but if you can't figure this one out for yourselves, then you defiantly need the Internet, attached to you. there is gobs of information on remodeling, and Bathtubs, Hell I like showers anyway, I will keep this up maybe I can find a girl and she will tell me about why women always take baths and men don't, Thats the question I have for this blog ,I made, is why is it women like to waller in the tub? What give's are us men always at your throats and this is the best way to wind down that we never have caught onto, hmm, new thought keep this open and make it interesting. I know why I like showers , because a bath takes time, you have to warm up the water, then fill the dang big tub up, (that's why you have such a water Bill ) and then you sit in this thing and stair at the walls, doing what? Laying in your soap and grime, do you take a shower afterward? I need to know, we will discuss this next time I am on this part of the blog. Why and what are the benefits or taking a darn bath? Think about it, write me let me know. Your friend in the shower,
Christopher Hyer 2.23.2011

All I can say is Written word

How can I do more, Always Looking for a project, Shoot me one..

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

This page was a Fluke at first then

I made this page from keywords I searched out a while back and I be darned if google reader came out with a google-android-app reader i believe tonight. I was estatic,and was glad I wrote a nothing page that turned into , well maybe something, read the blog, this one is interesting. I think

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Now was that nessasary ??

I don't know what half of this stuff is I check I just check it, Show me the money,or just read the blogs

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bathtub Remodeling and Bathtub Related Articles

Refinish Your Bathtub Today!!Yes Its time to Replace that worn out bathtub, the old bathtub is either cracked and was cheap in the first place, or it has just won out. The replacemetn cost are high, but what isn't these days. They have so many bathtubs, so many styles, some made of Gold. You could put a whirlpol in , yet do you have the room for it, and what about your shower lover, That's me, I dont give a darn about the bathtub, maybee just replacement of a tub into a shower to give you more room in your bath area. I don't know if that would sale very well, I may marry someday and I best have at least one big nice bathtub for the women of the house.To Replace a bathtub , means I will need a plumber and that racks up the score in doallrs. There is a product called Miraacle Method which can refinish the tub if its just scraped or needs restored which is an alternative. This Miracle Method has a warranty of 15 years or more I just read, this may be the answer, unless you have the funds available for the full replacement.The total install and replacement of a standard bathtub is about three thousand dollars or more, not any cheaper, or you get what you paid for deal.
  Bathtub Refinishing can cost less at about five hunded doallrs so its your best alternative, unless of course you want new faucets and new liners, etc..There are many choices out in the market place today,I would suggest if it's to get by , then have your bathtub refinished as the cost is there and can look like new, I suppose, and I am no expert that this all depends on if your tub is Porcelen Acrylic Cultured and the many other variations, that Bathtubs come in. I will show or talk about some ides in the future for you bathtub delima on future post, for now happy tubbing. Please Click on the ads you might find a surprise.
Christopher Hyer 2.8.2011