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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Bathtubs and Remodeling

I am sorry , but this topic totally bores me ,and I don't know why I even made this page, I must of been out of my mind, Sorry this site will die soon, I hate to make fun of it, but if you can't figure this one out for yourselves, then you defiantly need the Internet, attached to you. there is gobs of information on remodeling, and Bathtubs, Hell I like showers anyway, I will keep this up maybe I can find a girl and she will tell me about why women always take baths and men don't, Thats the question I have for this blog ,I made, is why is it women like to waller in the tub? What give's are us men always at your throats and this is the best way to wind down that we never have caught onto, hmm, new thought keep this open and make it interesting. I know why I like showers , because a bath takes time, you have to warm up the water, then fill the dang big tub up, (that's why you have such a water Bill ) and then you sit in this thing and stair at the walls, doing what? Laying in your soap and grime, do you take a shower afterward? I need to know, we will discuss this next time I am on this part of the blog. Why and what are the benefits or taking a darn bath? Think about it, write me let me know. Your friend in the shower,
Christopher Hyer 2.23.2011

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